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Silvas Free gives you more light in a smaller, more flexible and more versatile headlamp - all thanks to several innovative functions. It has all cables integrated into the headband for a better experience and optimal cooling for higher performance. All packed into the world's first modular headlamp. The Free 3000 M lamp and battery combination (3000 lumen headlamp + 36 Wh battery) is perfect for high-speed activities in technical terrain that require a lot of light.

More comfort, more light and more flexibility
When we designed the Free headlamp, we wanted to create more from less. Less fuss, less heat and less complexity. The challenge required us to think anew and create completely new innovations, and the result is the new Free headlamp. We have removed everything that was unnecessary and made everything that was good even better. Silva Free is a headlamp that gives you more comfort, more light and more flexibility. A global innovation that gives you more freedom.

Innovative technologies

Free technology - Less tangles - more comfort
Silva's Free technology means that all cables are integrated into the headband for a better experience. Feel free without having to worry about distracting cords.

Airflow technology - Less heat - more light
Airflow technology was developed together with experts in thermodynamics and means that the lamps are designed with an optimized aluminum radiator which, together with the protective plastic casing, provides maximum ventilation and cooling. The result is a lamp with really good light regardless of activity, even if the airflow or cooling is not optimal.

Modular Technology: Less complexity - more flexibility
Free is completely modular, which gives you flexibility and the possibility to supplement or upgrade your lamp with another battery, lamp head or bracket. The lamp and battery can be easily disconnected from the headband to instead be attached to your helmet, handlebars or frame.

Silva Intelligent Light: double light beam for higher speed
All headlamps in the Free series have Silva Intelligent Light, which optimizes the light image through a unique combination of focused distance light that shines far and wide-angle light that illuminates close to you. This results in less head movement and a clear view of possible obstacles both at short and long distances, which provides better balance and greater security and helps you maximize speed and perform better.

Optimize your battery consumption to save battery life
The super low mode (80 lumens) enables long training sessions and competitions by reducing battery consumption when you don't need full brightness. For example, for top touring skiing where you can use the low light mode when going up the mountain and save on battery burn time.

A headlamp for all your different activities
With Silva Free, you have the opportunity to put together your optimal headlamp according to your needs. Choose between three different light units, four batteries and three mounting kits (helmet mount, handlebar mount and GoPro mount). All parts are interchangeable, so you don't need to buy different headlamps for your different activities. Just add an extra lamp unit, an extra battery or mounting kit to your headlamp and you have a lamp suitable for several sports. All parts in the Free series can be purchased separately.

Find the right balance between lumens (brightness), burning time and weight
Choosing a headlamp is largely about finding the right balance between lumens (brightness), burning time and weight. These are influenced by each other, so what is the right balance for you depends on what activity you will be using your headlamp for. Therefore, think about the relationship between brightness and how long you want to be outside, as well as the speed at which you will move. The faster you move, the more powerful lamp you need. Choose Free 1200 lumens and a lighter battery when your main sports are trail running and cross-country skiing. Choose Free 2000-3000 lumens in brightness and a heavier battery when you move at high speed and in demanding terrain, such as when cycling or skiing.

Accessories for Silva Free
If you want to carry as little weight on your head as possible, it is fine to purchase seperately the 130cm extension cable and place the battery in, for example, your pocket or backpack. Bike mount, helmet mount and Go-pro mount are available to buy as accessories for your Silva Free headlamp, as well as extra long extension cables and top straps.

Silva Free Series - ISPO Award Winner 2023:
This is what the ISPO Awards jury says about the new Silva Free Series: "A modular headlamp is good if you are a multisport enthusiast with different needs. The Silva Free Series is light, but while offering powerful light and multiple mounting brackets.

  • 3000 lumens
  • Weight 144 g excluding battery / 293 g including battery
  • 3 light modes - from 80 lumens to 2000 lumens
  • Air flow technology for automatic cooling and better light quality
  • Modular technology - construction with three different light heads, four different batteries and 3 mounting kits.
  • Free technology - Integrated power cable for fewer distractions
  • Silva Intelligent Light - combines a focused distance light and a wide light at close range
  • Silva Flow Light - adjust the light pattern according to the pace of your activity
  • A headlamp for multiple sports
  • Water resistant - meets the requirements of the IPX5 standard
  • 5 level battery indicator
  • Red safety light on the back of the head
  • USB-C charging cable included


Battery indication 5 LED on battery and blink on lamp when 10% left
Battery specification Li-ion 3.35Ah, 24.1Wh /Hard case
Charging time 4.5 hours
Charging type USB-C
Flash warning Yes, one flash on 10% left
Included accessories Lamp unit 3000 lm, Headband, 24.1 Wh battery, USB-C charge cable
Led type TB
Light distance max ft 705
Light distance max m 215
Light distance with ft 410
Light distance with m 125
Light distance min ft 148
Light distance min m 45
Lightmodes max, with, min
Lumen max 3000
Lumen with 1000
Lumen min 80
Warranty 2 years
Weight battery g 149
Weight battery oz 5.22
Weight excl battery g 144
Weight excl battery oz 5.04
Weight incl. battery g 293
Weight incl battery oz 10.26

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