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King Dish Tailgater Pro Satellite TV Antenna with Dish Wally HD Receiver

King Dish Tailgater Pro Satellite TV Antenna with Dish Wally HD Receiver

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Features of the King Dish Tailgater Pro Satellite TV Antenna with Dish Wally HD Receiver 

NO CONTRACT: Ideal with DISH Pay As You Go HD programming.

PORTABLE: The DISH Tailgater Pro from KING is a quality satellite TV antenna for people who are constantly on the move. It is portable, lightweight, and made for use in vehicles and while camping.

TV ANYWHERE: With this DISH Wally receiver, you can use your DISH subscription from any location within the contiguous United States. To enable your portable RV satellite dish to access the DISH network wherever you are, just give DISH a call before you leave. You can extend your current subscription or just pay for the months you actually use.

AUTO LOCKING: By automatically locking onto the signal, this clever satellite antenna eliminates the need to guess while installing your RV satellite system. Please note that a DISH satellite receiver is also included. All you need to do is point the Tailgater satellite dish at the sky and follow the on-screen instructions.

Any mobile user, such as RVers, sports and outdoor lovers, tailgaters, long-haul truckers, or anybody with a mobile lifestyle, will benefit from the DISH Tailgater Pro premium antenna. You can carry your DISH satellite TV service anywhere in the contiguous United States with the Tailgater Pro and Wally receiver. This item can be placed permanently to the top of your truck, trailer, or RV or used as a portable antenna. Only fixed use is required for the Tailgater Pro.

You’ll never have to miss your favorite show when you’re out and about, the big game, or breaking news. The DISH Tailgater Pro, like all of Kings’ mobile satellite TV antennas, is excellent for outdoor activities including camping, RVing, hunting, fishing, and backyard barbecues.

Western and eastern satellites are available with King DT Series Satellite Antennas for national coverage (Upper northeast coverage requires use of the included Wally receiver). In addition, they scan and start up more quickly than the prior VQ Series.

With the No-Hassle DISH Tailgater, setup is a breeze.

The DISH Tailgater Pro is a portable and lightweight device that provides a quick, simple, and dependable connection to your preferred HD programming from DISH. Simply connect your compatible DISH HD Solo receiver (needed; included) to the Tailgater Pro premium satellite antenna. DISH models like the Wally, ViP211z, ViP211k, ViP211, or 411 are compatible. Simply adhere to the simple on-screen directions after turning on the device. In only a few minutes, you can start watching HDTV thanks to the DISH Tailgater Pro’s automated satellite location and lock-on.

How It Works

The DISH Superior industrial design and a cutting-edge clear cover are amazing features of the Tailgater Pro. To believe it, you must see it. You’ll adore the modern appearance and appreciate the better signal that this design offers. Trees obstructing your ability to see the satellite? Tailgater Pro informs you. The transparent cover makes it easier to troubleshoot and guarantees that you are getting the greatest signal by letting you see exactly where your dish is pointing.

Pay-As-You-Go Rate Plan for DISH

With the DISH pay-as-you-go plan, you can watch HDTV wherever you are and only pay for the months you actually use it—from the campground to the parking lot of the stadium. Choose from a variety of packages and cancel service at any moment without incurring fees, obligations, contracts, or credit checks. To restart your account, simply call DISH. To join up or for more information on DISH’s Pay-As-You-Go, call.

Do you currently have DISH at home? Get the same DISH LATINO or English programming package that you have at home. For a nominal monthly cost, you can easily add a suitable receiver to your DISH account for when you’re on the go. (A few limitations might be present. In addition, depending on where you are physically, some channels might not be accessible.)

Faster scan and start-up times


With a built-in handle and weighing only 8 pounds, the compact, lightweight, and stylish form factor is simple to carry. For best reception, simply place Tailgater on any flat, sturdy surface (e.g., the ground, a picnic table, or a truck bed).


The DISH Wally HD Receiver, with HDMI (HD) video output, RCA composite (SD) video output, and an RF remote control, is part of the King Tailgater Pro premium bundle.

Two Outputs

The dual coaxial outputs included into the King Tailgater support up to two receivers.
(The same satellite must carry the programming.)

Ceiling Mounting

The DISH Tailgater Pro can be fixedly mounted on the top of an RV or other vehicle without the need for any additional brackets. You might want to think about the KING MB160 mounting bracket for over-the-road trucks (each sold separately).