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Lewmar 72mm Synchro Snap Shackle [29927240]

Lewmar 72mm Synchro Snap Shackle [29927240]

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72mm Synchro Snap Shackle

Lewmar Synchro Snap Shackles easily converts a non-snap shackle to a snap shackle with precision and highly engineered integrity. Make your existing blocks even more versatile by swapping out the standard shackle for a Lewmar Synchro snap shackle.


  • Adds quick-release capabilities
  • Superior corrosion resistance
  • Ring pull release

Technical Specifications:

  • Material - 316 stainless steel 
  • Working Load - 2420lb
  • Breaking Load - 4840lb
  • Pin Diameter - 1/4"

*Sold as an Individual