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Maretron NMEA 2000 Starter Kit 1 [CABLE-STARTER-1]

Maretron NMEA 2000 Starter Kit 1 [CABLE-STARTER-1]

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NMEA 2000 Starter Kit 1

Maretron's deluxe starter kit provides all the necessary cables and connectors necessary to connect two products together on an NMEA 2000® network.   Contacts are gold-plated brass and couplings are nickel-plated brass for durability and reliability.

Included in the Box:

  • (1) 5-Meter Micro Powertap Cable (CF-SPWR05-CF)
  • (1) 10-Meter Micro Trunk/Backbone Cable (CM-CG1-CF-10.0)
  • (1) Micro Tees (CM-CF-CF)
  • (1) 2-Meter Micro Drop Cables (CM-CG1-CF-02.0)
  • (2) Micro Male Terminators (TR-CM)

*Sold as a Kit